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Here is a review just in from an unpaid qualified Readers' Favorite reviewer:

How to Build a Human Being: A story to inspire every kid who wants

to grow big and strong, using the power of healthy food by Judy

McCluney is a picture book that shows children the importance of

eating healthy food so that they grow big and stay strong. The boy

in the story is playing with his blocks and he makes toy cars,

planes, chairs, people, and houses with them. His older cousin tells

him he is building himself with the blocks. His cousin tells him how

he has grown big and tall, and how the food he eats has building

blocks in them. He shows the little boy pictures of the types of

blocks that exist in different types of food. The little boy wants to

build his muscles and he is interested in knowing what he should

eat for that. Do you want to grow bigger and stronger? Let us read

the book to learn which foods have great building blocks.


This book will help make children aware of their eating habits and

how switching to eating healthy vegetables and fruits will help them

grow. It is also an informative read and makes science fun and

interactive along with introducing kids to healthy eating habits. The

colorful pictures give clarity to what the author is trying to convey

and helps readers understand her words clearly. Children will find

good tips and ideas to incorporate healthy eating habits into their

daily diet in a fun and interesting way. It is a good book for tutors to

read out in classrooms, not only to encourage children to eat

healthily but also to teach them about cells and make science


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