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New review from Readers' Favorite (unpaid) for the activity book  SNACKS FOR GROWING STRONG:

Snacks For Growing Strong (Healthy Fun Foods Kids Can Make) by Judy McCluney is a kind of roadmap for kids to follow a healthier diet, which it does well thanks to McCluney’s writing style and research. In clear, concise language in the introduction “Food for Thought,” she points out that when it comes to nutrition for our youngsters there is a big “but” problem. Parents try to give their children healthy snacks but often look to processed foods that are handy “but” are full of sugar, fat, and salt. The solution? Substitute healthy foods for snacks, which McCluney addresses by providing resources and examples of fun snacks a parent can make with their child.

Making your own snacks is pointed out as the best way and she provides recipes that your child can do for fun using fruits, vegetables, and a little imagination. I liked the way she writes in language geared for younger minds as well as the illustrations in the book. Some examples of fun snacks are the old standard “Corn on the Cob.” More creative and easy to make snacks include “Bear’s Munch Trail Mix,” “Owl Faces” and “Bunny Bowl.” The recipes are easy for kids to read and understand and, with a parent’s help, this book could be the answer to having more healthy snacks instead of the processed snacks parents have relied on for years. Snacks For Growing Strong packs a lot of good, healthy information.

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