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How to Build a Human Being
In bright, clear pictures and words How to Build a Human Being shows children that what they eat matters. The book follows a child whose goal is to grow big and strong. He finds out that eating healthy food achieves his goal. Your child can use the story ideas for their own goals for growing strong.  There are several activities at the end of the book that a child can use to track their healthy food eating and their growth.  They'll make great discoveries about eating and growing, and find facts and inspiration in the story.

Snacks for Growing Strong

​Corn on the cob? Yum! Your own trail mix? Fun! In Snacks for Growing Strong children turn banana slices into owl faces and broccoli into trees in a “park” of potatoes. Over a dozen fun and nutritious food projects await kids and their helpers. Most projects need only a little adult supervision.  Kids who make them can eat better snacks, find a new interest in and ability to prepare good food,  and get to know and to like healthy whole foods.  Youngsters from pre-school age to middle school (and their families) have made and enjoyed eating these projects.  I hope you will too.
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