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Judy’s love of children’s books was obvious to anyone who walked into her bookstore 30 years ago.  She also read stories to emotionally handicapped children.  It was the only time in the school day that these children were really interested and listening. As a working single mother Judy looked for ways to stay healthy.  She revised old recipes and tried new ones.  She reviewed studies and positions by medical experts that underlined the importance of eating vegetables and fruit.  She switched to a plant-based whole food diet and felt much better.  She had fresh respect for the doctors, and the grandmas, who for years have urged people to eat their veggies.  Yet today many people eat processed limited nutrition food, skipping plants.  The result is an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, irritable bowel, and heart disease, even among children.  With one of her own grandchildren being a picky eater, but a great builder with toy blocks, Judy was inspired to write a story that would show a child how healthy eating builds a strong person.  Why not use the idea of building with blocks to show how food is the block supply for building up a child’s body?  Why not bring that story to life with real photos of food “blocks,”  vivid pictures of a child wanting to grow strong, and hands-on food projects that  children can make?   Judy wrote the story, and a companion book of food activities.  Readers have been charmed by the story, and like making the snacks.  Judy invites you to share the adventure of finding and enjoying whole plant-based foods.  She looks forward to continuing to share healthy food facts and ideas, especially for plant-based eating.  She hopes children, and their grown-ups, will be able to take part in making food that benefits them, their families, and their future.

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